XRD SL Stems

XRD SL Stems

XRD offers 3 excellent choices for super light racing bike stems in various sizes. For the ultimate weight savings, choose the AL7050 alloy stem in black or white. For the carbon fiber version, you get alloy reinforcement and only an extra 5 grams. All of them feature titanium bolts. The way the end cap is designed on these, they lower the stress on carbon fiber handlebars.

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Product Description

XRD SL Stem White

The lightest stem

XRD SL stems are created with the latest 3D forged, 7050-T6 aluminum alloy. They are designed with a ‘V’ angle bolt system for a force fit, making it a tight fit around the bar without having to over tighten and stress carbon bars. This creates more friction force and generates a clamping lock. Road use only

Super lightweight in 7 lengths for a perfect fit • Titanium bolts • 4 bolt handlebar clamp • Reversible design • Double butted extension • Full titanium bolt set • Angle: 5 degrees

XRD SL Stem Colors

Available in 3 versions:
1) Carbon Fiber (AL7050 Reinforced)
2) AL7050 Alloy – Black
3) AL7050 Alloy – White
Angle: 50
Handlebar clamp size: 31.8mm
Steerer clamp size: 28.6mm
Extension: 60-70-80-90-100-110-120mm
Torque limit: 5 NM-M5
60mm: 82g
70mm: 84g
80mm: 87g
90mm: 93g
100mm: 96g
110mm: 100g
120mm: 108g

60mm CSS01CK212
70mm CSS01CK222
80mm CSS01CK232
90mm CSS01CK242
100mm CSS01CK252
110mm CSS01CK262
120mm CSS01CK272
Alloy Black
60mm CSS01AK212
70mm CSS01AK222
80mm CSS01AK232
90mm CSS01AK242
100mm CSS01AK252
110mm CSS01AK262
120mm CSS01AK272
Alloy White
60mm CSS01W212
70mm CSS01W222
80mm CSS01W232
90mm CSS01W242
100mm CSS01W252
110mm CSS01W262
120mm CSS01W272