XRD SL Seat Posts

XRD SL Carbon Seatposts

XRD SL Carbon Bicycles Seat Posts are the pinnacle of full carbon fiber seat post construction. Not only is the shaft full carbon, but so it the base of the clamp and the clamps themselves. The only metal parts in these are the bolts and tube nuts. They also offer an aerodynamic top section and 20mm of rear offset.

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Product Description

XRD SL Carbon Seatposts

The light strength or carbon fiber all the way

100% carbon fiber

Dual bolt micro-adjust • 100% carbon fiber tube and clamp • One piece construction

Weight: 164g (350mm)
Offset: 20mm
Diameter: 27.2mm & 31.8mm
Length: 350mm
Torque limit: 7Nm-M5
Gloss Carbon
27.2mm CPS01CK112
31.6mm CPS01CK122
Split White
27.2mm CPS01CW112
31.6mm CPS01CW122