XRD Pace Stems

XRD Pace Stems

XRD Pace Stems come in a huge array of sizes ranging from 60mm to 120mm in 10mm increments. They offer a 5 degree angle and strike a perfect balance between strength, value and light weight. They are available in anodized black or power-coated white and are strong enough for either road or mountain bike use.

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Product Description

XRD Pace White Stem

XRD Pace Black Stem

Strong enough for all riders except the totally insane

Lightweight yet strong
Large range of sizes • 4 bolt handlebar clamp • Reversible design • Angle: 5 degrees • Conforms to both EN MTB and racing standards

Available in 2 versions:
1) AL2014 Alloy – Black
2) AL2014 Alloy – White
Angle: 50
Handlebar clamp size: 31.8mm
Steerer clamp size: 28.6mm
Extension: 60-70-80-90-100-110-120mm
Torque limit: 7 NM-M5
60mm: 107g
70mm: 111g
80mm: 115g
90mm: 120g
100mm: 126g
110mm: 129g
120mm: 132g

Alloy Black

60mm CSP02AW212
70mm CSP02AW222
80mm CSP02AW232
90mm CSP02AW242
100mm CSP02AW252
110mm CSP02AW262
120mm CSP02AW272
Alloy White
60mm CSP02AK212
70mm CSP02AK222
80mm CSP02AK232
90mm CSP02AK242
100mm CSP02AK252
110mm CSP02AK262
120mm CSP02AK272