XRD Pace Haven

XRD Pace Haven Alloy Handlebar

The XRD Pace Haven Alloy handlebar is a road bar designed with a modern, compact shape using hi-tech construction methods. These include 2014 alloy and double-butted construction. The combination of shape and materials yields a lightweight and strong handlebar that strikes a perfect balance between performance and cost.

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Product Description

XRD Pace Haven Alloy White Handlebar

XRD Pace Haven Alloy Black Handlebar

XRD Pace Haven Low Reach Handlebar Diagram

XRD Pace Haven Extra Low Reach Handlebar Diagram

Lightweight alloy racing performance

Anatomic bar • Modern compact design • Double butted construction • 2014 Alloy • Conforms to EN racing • Gradual drop curve for more hand room • Sharper top bend for more usable bar width • Comfortable reach for shifting and braking

Low Reach Black
400mm CHP04AK832
420mm CHP04AK842
440mm CHP04AK852
Low Reach White
360mm CHP04AW812
380mm CHP04AW822
400mm CHP04AW832
420mm CHP04AW842
Extra Low Reach Black
360mm CHP04AK712
380mm CHP04AK722
400mm CHP04AK732
420mm CHP04AK742