Extreme Racing Design is Race Ready

XRD is for the cyclist who wants the best in bicycle components. Our focus is on weight savings. We shave off every gram possible while always maintaining structural integrity to create a range of light, strong and stylish components. Continue below to see some of XRD Racing's exciting bicycle component offerings...
  • XRD Pace Derailleur Wheels

    The XRD Pace Derailleur Wheels are an excellent option to replace your boring stock plastic jockey wheels with a hi-tech unit. These are precision CNC machined out of aluminum, feature sealed cartridge bearings and come in four cool anodized colors to match your bike's setup.

    XRD Pace Derailleur Wheels
  • XRD Pace Stubby Aero-Bars

    The XRD Pace Stubby Bars are clip-on short aero extension bars that fit most standard road cycling handlebars. They feature alloy construction and adjustable extensions, so you decided how far they stick out. The unique design allows for an integrated computer or accessory bracket in the center.

    XRD Pace Stubby Aero-Bars
  • XRD Pace Gel Pads

    XRD Gel Pads are uniquely designed to fit our XRD Pace TT Aero-Bars and our XRD Pace Aero-Bars but will likely fit other designs on the market that rely on hook and loop attachment. They feature honeycomb sensory gel inside and a soft lycra outer cover for ultimate comfort.

    XRD Pace Gel Pads
  • XRD SL Stems

    XRD offers 3 excellent choices for super light racing bike stems in various sizes. For the ultimate weight savings, choose the AL7050 alloy stem in black or white. For the carbon fiber version, you get alloy reinforcement and only an extra 5 grams. All of them feature titanium bolts. The way the end cap is designed on these, they lower the stress on carbon fiber handlebars.

    XRD SL Stems
  • XRD SL Hemion Handlebar

    The XRD SL Hemion carbon fiber road bike handlebar marks the pinnacle of road cycling handlebar design. It offers a modern shape with gradual drop curve for more hand room and a sharper top bend for even more usable space. This is a 100% carbon fiber bar that is extremely lightweight at only 185 grams.

    XRD SL Hemion Handlebar
  • XRD Pace QR Skewers

    The XRD Pace QR Skewers are super lightweight minimalistic designs that are offered in anodized black, red, blue or gold to match our other XRD color anodized accessories. They weigh only 40 grams for the pair of road units and feature titanium axles. They are our lightest set of skewers.

    XRD Pace QR Skewers
  • XRD SL Saddle

    The XRD SL Saddle is a super lightweight race cycling saddle designed for long hours riding. It features the lightest foam available along with microcellular polymer inserts to absorb kinetic energy from the road. This saddle can be ordered with carbon fiber or titanium alloy rails.

    XRD SL Saddle

XRD Offers Solutions for Dedicated Cyclists

Long hours in the saddle are challenging. XRD provides solutions that put excitement and pleasure back into competitive cycling. Some cycle to win and some cycle for fun, but we are all serious about our sheer love of riding.

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